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If you've tried your hand at investment, you will have found it's not as easy as it looks. We take the hassle, uncertainty and risk out of the equation. Out investment fund gives us the vehicle to let you benefit from the wide range of skills of our team. Follow along daily on YouTube and Twitter to learn how we're achieving these returns.

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It's no secret that the MMCrypto team loves to travel. When crypto is your business, the world is at your fingertips. Nevertheless our team are still in contact constantly each day, and monitoring the markets for opportunities. As a member of the MMCrypto investment fund you get priority access to our team at trade shows and industry expos.

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If you keep up to date with our daily YouTube videos and frequent Twitter posts, you'll know cryptocurrencies are a rollercoaster. We give you up to the minute trade tips, and hold nothing back. Our team is frequently in high demand at seminars and industry events.

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Your Questions Answered

Your Questions Answered

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Immediately. MMCrypto is a self-serve investment fund. You can buy in to the investment pool, monitor your investment 24 hours per day online, and withdraw funds at any time with the click of a button. No waiting for your account to be approved, or documents to be signed. It's all automated.

No. We cannot guarantee anyone a specific return, and you should not trust any investment fund that makes such promises. We trade to the best of our abilities, and have experience that allows us to consistently beat the market average. However this does not guarantee future returns. Only invest if you understand the risks of crypto investments.

We charge a flat 5% of investment profits, at the time you withdraw. For example, if you invest $10.000 USD on January 1, and later withdraw from the fund that investment has grown to $20.000, we will deduct 5% of the $10.000 profit. That would be $500.

We can accept investments from any countries except those on the TATF blacklist. As of December 2020, this is Iran. This list will be kept current. We cannot accepts deposits or withdrawal requests from/to Iran due to some of our crypto exchanges being based or having a presence in the United States.

MMCrypto Team

Our team of experienced traders have unrivaled access to industry experts and their fingers on the pulse of the crypto markets.


Carl Martin

Founder, The Moon

With over 130K subscribers and a million-views per month, Carl Martin (aka The Moon Carl) is one of the most popular YouTuber in the cryptospace. He started his YouTube channel back in 2017, when he was 24 year old. Bitcoin enthusiast, The Moon Carl’s videos are mainly focused on technical analysis, tutorials and reviews about crypto-related products. Swedish of origins with an economics background, The Moon’s passion about monetary history and new form of money pushed him to jump into the cryptospce, becoming rapidly one of the most appreciated individuals in the Crypto community.


Chris Jaszczynski

Co-Founder, MMCrypto & MMConsult

Christopher Jaszczynski is the creator of MMCrypto, one of the most popular cryptocurrency YouTube channels. His videos routinely get 100.000 views. Currently, MMCrypto has nearly 250k subscribers and over three million monthly views! The channel mainly focuses on price analysis, but it also features tutorials, expert interviews, and other types of content. Apart from running his YouTube channel, Jaszczynski also co-founded a network of Blockchain project advisors called MMConsult. They help fledgling projects to get much-needed support and exposure. Jaszczynski holds a degree in Management and Economics, which helped him to establish himself as a prominent influencer in the crypto industry.



Bitcoin Evangelist, Entrepreneur

An original bitcoin whale, he's been involved with crypto since 2012. The founder of Pandoras Wallet, used by many traders, and has advised several of the largest ICOs. Davinci is very active on YouTube where he tries his best to help newbies and experienced traders on various crypto and economic topics. He is the admin of one of the most exclusive private Telegram channels.